What is Plasma Pen Pro (PPP)?

Plasma Pen Pro is the newest technique in the beauty industry which harnesses the power of plasma to help reduce or eliminate various skin conditions and problems, such as: wrinkles, moles, pigmentation, skin tags, fine lines, and more.

Plasma Pen Pro treatments are:

- Newest Skin Treatment in the Beauty Industry

- Non-Invasive Treatments

- Non surgical Techniques

- No Scalpel or Surgical Cutting of the Skin

- No Bruising

- No Bleeding

- Limited Downtime

- Immediate Results

- Painless with Anesthetic Cream

- Safe and Effective Treatment 

How does Plasma Pen Pro Work?

Our newest Plasma Pen Pro Machine utilizes plasma in the air and ionizes it, causing an arc or electrical discharge, in a very controlled manner, to cause a controlled burn in the epidermal/dermal layer of the skin.  Our Plasma Pen Pro technician can control how superficial or deep to go, depending on what type of treatment is being conducted.

After each treatment, the skin undergoes its natural healing process, and fibroblasts go to work to heal the skin by placing down collagen (our natural plumping factor) and elastin (our natural tightening factor), which in turn plumps and stretches our skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity, improve skin tone and texture and reduce or eliminate deep wrinkles in our frown lines, forehead, crows feet, neck lines, or nasal labial and marionette lines.

What Does Plasma Pen Pro Treat?

Our Plasma Pen Pro procedure can treat:

- Fine Lines

- Crows Feet Lines

- Eyebrow ptosis

- Nasal Labial Folds / Laugh Lines

Marionette Lines

- Smokers / Kissing Lines

- Neck Lines

- Drooping Skin / Loose Skin

- Moles

- Skin Tags

- Pigmentation Removal

- Age Spot Removal

- Liver Spot Removal

- Freckle Removal

- Scar Removal

- Stretch Mark Removal

- Permanent Makeup Removal (Eyebrows and Microblading)

- Scalp Micropigmentation Removal / Blowout Removal

Why Train With Plasma Pen Pro?

Certified. Experienced. Insured. 

Plasma Fibroblast treatments have only been around for the past few years, so most companies are new in the industry and still learning about possible applications and treatments using the Plasma Pen.

Second Skin has received limited training on the subject, and we used our own methods and technics to master a variety of applications and treatment options using our Plasma Pen Pro unit.

Second Skin has been open for over 12 years, and we have provided a multitude and variety of skin care treatments.  Our online reviews and testimonials show that we receive great support from both our students and our clients.

Second Skin is insured and bonded, and we have an A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau.

Rose Cruz has over 20 years of experience the beauty industry and has worked on A-list stars, TV personalities, and has helped trained a variety of students in Scalp Micropigmentation, Aesthetics, Medical Aesthetics and Plasma Treatments.

Second Skin provides the necessary education and training for each student to become successful in the newly designed Plasma industry, and has taught the treatment in Toronto, Vancouver, as well as around the world, including upcoming training in Brisbane, Australia, and Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Client and students only need to go to our instagram or facebook page to see all of our Plasma, SMP and Permanent Makeup to view our before and after results both in pictures and video.

Please visit:

What Does Plasma Pen Pro Training Include?

Second Skin will train each student in a small group class size, so that all students get the right amount of attention they need to be able to feel confident after the training to conduct their own Plasma Pen Pro Treatment on their own clientele

We always provide ongoing support, as well as a class Facebook group where we can share our personal growth, get feedback, post pictures and resolve issues.

With Second Skin's Plasma Pen Pro training, you receive:

- Plasma Pen Pro Starter Kit

- Introduction to Plasma Pen Pro

- Plasma Pen Pro Skin Anatomy and Physiology

- Plasma Pen Pro Safety and Hygiene 

- Plasma Pen Pro Practice on Non-Human Skin (Practice Materials)

- Plasma Pen Pro Practice on Human Skin (Live Models)

- Plasma Pen Pro Consultations

- Plasma Pen Pro Contraindications  

- Plasma Pen Pro Pre and Post Care

- Plasma Pen Pro Anesthetics

- Plasma Pen Pro Side-Effects 

- Plasma Pen Marketing and Advertising 

Plasma Pen Pro 2-Day Training Itinerary

Our 2-Day Plasma Pen Pro Training course consists of 25% Plasma Theory and 75% Live Model Work.  We firmly believe that each student must be able to work on live models in order to be confident enough, and skilled enough to complete Plasma Skin Treatments in their own office.

A typical Plasma Pen Pro Training  2-Day Course Itinerary would consist of:

Plasma Pen Pro Training - Day 1

9am - Intro and Greeting

9:30am - Skin Anatomy and Physiology

11am -  Plasma Pen Pro Safety and Hygiene Best Practices

12:30pm - Lunch

1pm - Contradictions and Skin Type Assessment

1:30pm - Numbing, Pre and Post Care Instructions and Follow-Up, Side Effects

2:30pm - Plasma Pen Starter Kit, PPP on Fake Skin

3:30pm - Consultation on Live Model and Numbing

4pm - PPP on Live Model

6pm - End of Day 1

Plasma Pen Pro Training - Day 2

10am - Question and Answer Period and Review of Day 1

12pm - Consultation and Live Model Numbing

1pm - Lunch

1:30 - Live Client Consultation and Numbing

2:30pm - PPP on Live Model

4:30pm - Plasma Pen Pro Marketing and Advertising (Online, Offline, SEO, etc).

5:30pm - Question and Answer Period

6pm - End of Day 2

**This is a sample itinerary and items may change depending on a variety of situations and considerations**

What Prices Can I Charge for PPP Treatments?

Plasma Pen Pro or PPP treatments are relatively new, and have only been around for the past 2-3 years.  The industry has not been saturated like many other skin treatment options in the beauty industry, so currently and for the next 5-7 years or so, the prices and interest in this treatment will remain very high, until, of course, the industry is flooded with new Plasma techs.

Currently, pricing for plasma treatments are on the high end, and clients are looking for qualified, experienced, certified and well trained Plasma technicians.

Here is a sample table that shows how much a Plasma Pen Pro Technician can make based on a variety of Plasma Pen Pro pricing guide between $300 - 600 per treatment.

Is Certification Included After Training?

Each student will receive a Certificate Of Completion by email after the training program has been successfully completed.  If the student has not successfully completed the course, the Master instructors will give the student homework and instructions how to successfully complete the course at home.


What is the Cost Of Plasma Pen Pro Training and Certification?

The cost of Second Skin's Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Training Program is $4000, which includes:

- 2 Day Full Time Training Course

- Plasma Pen Pro Starter Kit (Machine, Needles, Case, etc)

- Manual, Materials, and Live Models Provided by Second Skin

- Ongoing Support, Facebook Group Access

A 50% deposit (non-refundable) is required to book any training session during the year, and the remaining 50% payment can be made 1 week prior to course start date.

Payment options accepted:

- Interac etransfer

- Paypal

- Money Order or Certified Cheque

- Visa, Mastercard, American Express

- Cash