Permanent Makeup Frequently Asked Questions

How can permanent cosmetics benefit me?

There are a variety of reasons why people get permanent cosmetics. Many people want to save the hassle of applying make-up every day. Others want to change or enhance their looks. Sports enthusiasts and those of us who have very active jobs will opt for permanent cosmetics as they are often unable to wear conventional make-up, also, there are people who need feature correction, people with allergies to make-up, alopecia sufferers, those with vision impairment who have difficulty applying makeup, all benefit from permanent cosmetics. All of these people can benefit from permanent cosmetics.

How can medical tattooing benefit me?

Whether you are coping with alopecia, cancer, surgical scarring, vitiligo or any other condition that has had an impact on your appearance, medical tattooing could help provide a solution. Appearances can be restored, as can confidence and self-esteem.

What can I have done?

A suitable qualified and experienced Permanent Makeup Artist can offer a wide range of fantastic treatments. If you are interested in having a treatment or if you have questions about any of our treatments, you can call us to book a consultation with our Permanent Makeup Artist.

Will it hurt?

Although permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing are a form of tattooing, the pain factor is considered to be less pronounced as the treatments are gentler and less invasive. Numbing creams are used to reduce any pain to make all treatments much more comfortable.

What is permanent cosmetics / medical tattooing?

Permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing involves the application of pigment into the skin. Our Permanent Makeup Artist will use special equipment and techniques to ensure that the experience is quieter, gentler and less invasive. Although the treatments use needles, these do not penetrate as deep into the skin as regular or body tattooing needles do, and the needles are smaller.

Do my natural brows need to be shaved off?

Absolutely not. If you have natural brow hairs, your artist will work with what you have, subtly integrating their work to suit your natural brow style.

What will I look like straight after the treatment?

Everyone is different, but as a general rule the surface skin generally heals between 3-7 days after the treatment, and 10-14 days below the surface. Many people will return to work the same day after a treatment.

How long will it take?

Treatment times vary depending on how advanced or detailed the required result is. Although some treatments may take as little as 1 hour, you should set aside 2-3 hours for your appointment.

Can I wear make-up after the treatment?

Yes, you can wear mineral cosmetics immediately after the treatment, however, you need to wait until the treatment area has healed before wearing traditional cosmetics. If applying traditional cosmetics elsewhere, ensure you don’t get any in the treatment area, as this could lead to healing problems. Permanent cosmetics are typically used to enhance your natural features, therefore after your treatment area has healed, you can wear makeup to complement and enhance your permanent cosmetics.

How long will it last?

This varies from person to person because skin type, diet, genetics and environmental factors can all contribute to how long the pigments will be retained. As a guide, it could be anything between one to five years before a new treatment is required, although refresher color boosts are recommended for maintenance during this time. Once the color starts to change you will know that you are ready for your refresher color boost. It is important to remember that permanent make-up is a “low” -not a “no” -maintenance treatment.

Who can I trust to perform the treatment?

Before getting a treatment with any permanent cosmetics artist, we recommend that you explore fully their educational background, client testimonials and portfolio. Whilst education is the foundation, ongoing skills development and maintenance of trained standards is something we consider to be essential for all artists. Our Permanent Makeup Artist constantly and consistently upgrades her knowledge in this industry as it is ever changing. All safety standards are followed and the health and safety of our Permanent Makeup Artist and Clients are always our number one concern!

How much does Permanent Makeup treatments cost?

To view a list of our pricing for permanent makeup, please visit our Pricing page here. Although cost and budget are a part of everyday life, when selecting a Permanent Makeup Artist, it is very important to know their experience, their customer service, their past portfolio, their education, their safety standards, etc. Although you may save some money for a particular permanent makeup treatment elsewhere, the cost to you if they make a mistake or if they do not follow health and safety procedures, etc, can cost you a lot more in the long run…

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