Eyelash Tinting and Eyebrow Tinting

Eyelash and brow tinting creates more definition and enhances the appearance of your lashes and brows!

It will benefit people that are sensitive to make-up, contact-lens wearers, people who are active in sports and who have no time to apply mascara daily, or simply to enhance your looks. Many different eyelash and eyebrow tint colors are available (including blues, browns, blacks ) so we can complement your skin and hair coloring perfectly.

Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash Tinting is a 25~30 minute procedure in which eyelashes are dyed from root to tip, giving them a darker, fuller, more dramatic appearance.

Eyelash tinting eliminates the need for mascara by darkening each lash. For those with sparse or blond lashes, as well as those who’s dark lashes have been bleached by the sun, lash tinting is a great alternative to daily mascara use.  It is also a convenient lash-darkening solution for contact lens wearers and those with eye-makeup sensitivity. Since it will not bleed or run, it’s a great solution for athletes and teary-eyed occasions.  It is also a time-saver for people on the go! Wake up with makeup.  Tinting darkens smaller, barely visible lashes, thus filling out the lash line. The result of lash tinting is fuller, longer-looking lashes that make your eyes pop and stand out.

Lash tinting is similar to getting your hair dyed.  A gentle dye is carefully applied to the eyelashes  with a small disposable brush similar to the shape of a mascara wand. Within 10~15 minutes the lashes are darkened and the dye is removed with soft cotton and water.

Lash tints can last from 2 to 6 weeks.  Eyelashes naturally fall out according to the growth cycle of lashes, so duration of your tint will depend in part on which part of the growth cycle your lashes are in at the time of tinting.

To maintain the darkest fullest look, lash tinting should be repeated every 4 weeks.

Benefits of having an Eyelash Tint

  • Customized to color of your choice

  • Perfect lashes all day

  • Experienced tinting specialists

  • Make your eyes standout

  • Great for special occasions

  • Enhance your natural beauty

  • Safe and effective

Eyebrow Tinting

Why would I want to tint my eyebrows?

Eyebrow tinting is a great option in the following circumstances:

1. Changed your hair color

For very dark haired people who dye their hair a much lighter colour, dark eyebrows can be a dead giveaway. In this situation, tinting the eyebrows one or two shades lighter is an easy and effective way to make the change look more natural. Similarly, blondes and redheads who wish to dye their hair dark may also consider tinting their eyebrows to match.  You are generally advised to keep your eyebrows one or two shades lighter or darker than your hair color.

2. Grey hairs in your eyebrows

Greying hair is a natural part of aging. Whereas some people choose to let nature take its course, others prefer to conceal it. Although plucking the odd stray hair from the scalp is fine, plucking hairs from the relatively sparse eyebrow area is likely to produce unsightly bald patches and leave the brow looking misshapen. For this reason, you are advised to avoid the tweezers and opt instead for an eyebrow tint, which simply dyes the grey to match the surrounding hairs.

3. Thicker looking eyebrows

Pale, translucent hairs can make the eyebrows look thin and straggly. Tinting these hairs could reveal a neat, shapely brow you never even knew was there. Even though the thickness and denseness of your eyebrow hair can of course not be changed in the tinting session alone, the darker color will make them appear naturally thicker.

4. Facial Definition

It’s amazing what a difference a nice pair of shapely eyebrows can make to the structure of the face. Having neat, defined eyebrows frames the eyes, boosts facial symmetry and creates an attractive high-contrast look.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting:

  • Customized to color of your choice

  • Perfect brows all day

  • Experienced tinting specialists

  • Match your natural color

  • Enhance your natural beauty

  • Safe and effective

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best candidate for tinting?

If your lashes and brow hairs are light in color.  Perfect for naturally light brows or lashes, gray / white or faded brows and lashes that can only be seen with daily applications of mascara or eyebrow pencil.

What is involved in the procedure?

All eye and brow makeup and mascara is removed (best to come without any eye makeup & mascara on).  Vaseline is applied around the eyebrows and upper/lower eyelids.  A permanent tint solution is carefully applied to the brows and lashes for 1-2 minutes.  This is repeated to achieve a deeper color.   The area is cleaned with a gentle cleanser.

Can I come wearing make up?

Yes, all makeup is removed during the procedure, except do not wear waterproof eye makeup or mascara.  If possible, it’s best to come with no eye makeup on.

Can I wear makeup immediately after the procedure?

Yes, absolutely!

Will I get an allergic reaction?

If there are concerns for swelling or skin has sensitivity to certain products, a free patch test is recommended 24 hours prior to tinting.

When will my colour show up?

Your tint will show up straight away, it may be slightly darker than the initial colour will be after you have washed your face a few times.

How long will this last?

The colour will last up to 6 weeks, depending your hair growth as old lashes fall out and new ones grow in.

Is Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting Safe?

Eyebrow tinting is a lot safer than attempting to dye your eyebrows at home with hair-dye, which is something many women do. Putting any sort of chemical near the eyes is extremely hazardous and inadvisable. Visiting a qualified beauty professional minimizes the risk of anything going wrong because they have to comply with certain safety measures.